Machete Redux Event in Philly 12/10

Machete Redux: Art, Theory, Politics in the Present

This is not a time to bury the hatchet. It is a time to dig up a machete. After years underground and various experiments and metamorphoses, the Machete Group has decided to see what it would be like to come back in full force by staging a series of collective, interactive symposia.

71-7136-escm100zAn intellectual hothouse that is as much an artistic workshop as an underground political cell in the making, Machete is a collective whose borders have always been uncertain but whose exigencies have consistently sought to recuperate the meaning of cutting edge from its vacuous appropriations by consumer society and the culture industry.

To engage in a collective, confrontational and uncomfortable conversation that seeks to rethink the state and stakes of contemporary art, theory and political praxis, join us on Saturday Dec. 10 from 7-9 p.m. at Marginal Utility Gallery. We will use the constellation of artifacts available on Marginal Utility’s website to begin a discussion concerning how we can make sense of—and intervene in—the present. Participants in the conversation will include, but nowise be limited to, Avi Alpert, David Dempewolf, Sebastien Derenoncourt, Gabriel Rockhill and Yuka Yokoyama.



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