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Welcome to my personal website. You’ll find background info about me, details regarding my books, links to my scholarly and journalistic writings, a list of my media appearances, info about the Critical Theory Workshop, links to activist organizations, contact information, and a running log of my activities in reverse chronological order (scroll down).

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Interviewed by “India & the Global Left”

It was a pleasure to speak with Jyotishman Mudiar on “India & Global Left” about my research on the global theory industry, anti-communism, identity politics, fascism, and the international struggle for socialism. The episode is entitled “Prof. Rockhill on Postmodernism, Socialism, Identity Politics & Fascism.”

Interviewed on the Barricades

I had a very productive conversation with Maria Cernat and Boyan Stanislavski for “On the Barricades.” We discussed the history of the global theory industry, anti-communist efforts to shore up the compatible Left, the dynamics of cultural imperialism and their relationship to right-wing opportunism, the rise of fascism, the place of China in contemporary geopolitics, the limits of Freudo-Marxism and intellectual syncretism, Žižek’s record of selling out the people for the advancement of his own career, and more.

Interviewed on ZNetwork

It was a pleasure to discuss my recent critique of Slavoj Zizek with Greg Wilpert, situating it in relation to my larger book project on the compatible left intelligentsia & its war on actually existing socialism.

Slavoj Zizek: Capitalism’s Court Jester?,” ZNetwork, February 9, 2023.

Response to Cronan’s “Red Aesthetics”

My response to Todd Cronan’s book, Red Aesthetics: Rodchenko, Brecht, Eisentstein, was just published in The Tank via Nonsite, along with several others.

Excerpt: “Indeed, art can draw on the full breadth of sense perception to engage with and remodel people’s lived experience, cultivate an accurate comprehension of the social totality, and ultimately bring them into a collective process of world making. Would Cronan agree with the suggestion that this very expansive understanding of an accurate depiction of reality—which includes a dialectically entwined relationship between perception, comprehension, and practice—is operative in red aesthetics? [read more]”

Interviewed by Midwestern Marx on Žižek & the Global Theory Industry

It was a real pleasure to speak with Carlos Garrido at Midwestern Marx about “Why Slavoj Žižek is Capitalism’s Court Jester.” We discuss the global theory industry; the intellectual labor aristocracy; commodified commie cosplay; a reanimated concept of social chauvinism; the political economy of knowledge production, distribution, and reception; the compositional theory of ideology; the professional managerial class stratum in the imperial core; gatekeepers who keep the theory game going; and more.