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Article: “Why RED, Why Now?”

18-19-2Click here to read my most recent post for the Radical Education Department (RED), entitled “Why RED, Why Now?” The post is on:
– the importance of hard leftism in the academy and beyond
– transversal organizing to avoid the pitfalls of horizontalism and verticalism
– autonomous and collective self-education qua community building
– breaking the ideological sound barrier of conservatives vs. liberals
– politics as the collective forging of collectivities rather than pandering & PR campaigns


Intro to Forthcoming Book Online



The introduction to my book Counter-History of the Present: Untimely Interrogations into Globalization, Technology, Democracy, which is forthcoming in early May with Duke University Press, is now available online here. The original French version of the book was recently published by CNRS Éditions. Click here for details.


Welcome to my personal website. You’ll find background info about me, details regarding my books, links to my scholarly and journalistic writings, a list of my media appearances, info about the Critical Theory Workshop, links to activist organizations, contact information, and a running log of my activities in reverse chronological order (scroll down).

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Spanish Translation of CIA and French Theory Article

Click here for a Spanish translation of my article on the CIA and French theory: “La CIA estudia a los teóricos franceses: Cómo desmantelar a la izquierda cultural.” A special thanks to Paco Muñoz de Bustillo for undertaking the translation and to Rebelión for publishing it.

Article on CIA Reading French Theory

My latest article, “The CIA Reads French Theory: On the Intellectual Labor of Dismantling the Cultural Left,” was just published in the LA Review of Book’s “The Philosophical Salon.” Click here to read in full.


Excerpt: “While other tentacles of the worldwide spy organization were involved in overthrowing democratically elected leaders, providing intelligence and funding to fascist dictators, and supporting right-wing death squads, the Parisian central intelligentsia squadron was collecting data on how the theoretical world’s drift to the right directly benefitted US foreign policy. […read more]”

Parution de “Contre-histoire du temps présent”

41ch4pig7bl-_sx316_bo1204203200_Je suis ravi de pouvoir annoncer la parution de mon prochain livre, Contre-histoire du temps présent : interrogations intempestives sur la mondialisation, la technologie, la démocratie, chez CNRS Editions. Voici la quatrième de couverture :

« Il est communément admis que nous vivrions une ère mondiale où un réseau économique et technologique relie toujours davantage les quatre coins du globe et où la démocratie s’impose comme la condition nécessaire de la vie politique. Pourtant, cette image d’un âge global aussi avancé que civilisé est loin d’aller de soi ou d’être anodine. Enracinée dans un champ de forces sociopolitiques et économiques, elle sert souvent de véhicule clandestin pour des projets redoutables. Une telle vision du temps présent, ainsi que l’imaginaire historique et politique qui l’a produite, demandent à être interrogés, en particulier les concepts clés de mondialisation, technologie et démocratie. Et ceci non point pour présenter une description alternative de notre époque à partir des mêmes phénomènes de base mais pour développer une contre-histoire visant à reconfigurer le possible historique. Tenter d’ouvrir une brèche pour participer à un véritable futur, autre que celui qui s’impose à nous, en nous enfermant dans le destin intransigeant d’un avenir à subir, tel est l’objet de ce livre. »

Article in the New York Times


My latest piece, “Unraveling Love Stories,” was just published here in The New York Times. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate again with Peter Catapano and Simon Critchley for The Stone.

Excerpt: “A crisis is a crack in the code. It can occur when everything laid out for you, and all of the things that you have half-wittingly accepted, meet a desire to be something more than the skeletal image of your own dead dreams […read more].”

APA Blog Feature on Latest Book



The feature published here on the APA blog provides a concise overview of some of the fundamental stakes, claims and concerns in my most recent book, Interventions in Contemporary Thought: History, Politics, Aesthetics (Edinburgh University Press, 2016).

The book was published in hardback in the fall, and a paperback edition will be coming out in the spring.