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Sortie du prochain livre le 16 février

Mon prochain ouvrage, Contre-histoire du temps présent. Interrogations intempestives sur la mondialisation, la technologie, la démocratie, sera publié le 16 février 2017 par CNRS Éditions. Il est annoncé ici sur le site de la FNAC et ici sur



What To Do when Empire Is Trumped?


Massive Trump Protest–Ignored by the Media–in Center City Philadelphia on Nov. 19, 2016

Here is my most recent article in CounterPunch, which analyzes the multiple factors that have contributed to the current political catastrophe in order to develop a series of concrete, positive strategies for moving forward.

“Let this spring, which due to human-made climate change is already happening in the fall and approaching winter, be the springtime of the people. Resistance and protests, organized social movements, a popular front on the Left, a publically-owned Fourth and Fifth Estate, and a common culture of radical leftwing politics could set the stage for an epic struggle against—and defeat of—neoliberalism’s crescendo into neo-fascism. [read more]”

ProducTrump in Charge of System that Produced It

Trump Naked Cropped


Since ProductRump is now officially in charge of the money-media complex that produced it, I take the liberty of reposting my earlier op-ed, “Corporate Idiocracy and the Manufacturing of ProducTrump,” which was originally published in CounterPunch. Click here to read.


Interviewed about the CTW/ATC in Paris

ctw-imageI am very grateful to Nathan Eckstrand and the APA Blog for the series of posts that they are currently running on the Critical Theory Workshop/Atelier de Théorie Critique, which is an intensive summer program I direct at the Sorbonne. The first post, an interview with me about the Workshop, is available here. Five other posts by the participants in CTW/ATC 2016 will be published in the coming weeks. Information about CTW/ATC 2017, which is administered by Villanova’s Philosophy Department, is available here.

Interview with Patrick Vauday

I’m pleased to announce the first collaboration between ASAP/Journal and the Critical Theory Workshop / Atelier de Théorie Critique: the publication of the 2014 Rencontre I organized with art theorist and philosopher Patrick Vauday. Entitled “From an Ontology to a Pragmatics of Images,” it serves as the first introduction in English to Vauday’s important work on aesthetics, which can be situated in the wake of figures such as Sartre, Deleuze and Rancière.

Book Published: Interventions in Contemporary Thought

Interventions_CoverInterventions in Contemporary Thought: History, Politics, Aesthetics was just published by Edinburgh University Press (Oxford UP is the distributor).

“These timely interventions challenge us to rethink the role and influence of scholarly discourse and critique. Gabriel Rockhill has developed a highly original, ‘conjunctural’ approach, which consists in reading the works of the French cultural critics and philosophers that are at the core of his expertise, according to a judgment of relevance and urgency that is part of our own historicity as critics and academics. These sharp readings of Rancière, Derrida, Foucault and Badiou are therefore part of a welcome call to arms to revitalize and politicize Anglo-American cultural scholarship.”
– Giuseppina Mecchia, University of Pittsburgh

Table of Contents

What Is an Intervention? Metaphilosophical Critique and the Reinvention of Contemporary Theory

I History
1. How Do We Think the Present? From Ontology of Contemporary Reality to Ontology without Being
2. The Right of Philosophy and the Facts of History: Foucault, Derrida, Descartes
3. Aesthetic Revolution and Modern Democracy: Rancière’s Historiography

II Politics
4. Is Difference a Value in Itself? Critique of a Metaphilosophical Axiology
5. Castoriadis and the Tradition of Radical Critique
6. The Hatred of Rancière: Democracy in the History of Political Cultures

III Aesthetics
7. The Art of Talking Past One Another: The Badiou-Rancière Debate
8. The Hermeneutics of Art and Political History in Rancière
9. The Forgotten Political Art par excellence? Architecture, Design and the Social Sculpting of the Body Politic

Book Accepted by Duke University Press

Counter-History of the Present: Untimely Interrogations into Globalization, Technology, Democracy has definitively been accepted for publication by Duke University Press and is currently scheduled to appear in the spring of 2017. The French edition of the same book will be published in the fall of 2016 by Éditions CNRS. A brief overview and the TOC are available below.

00_Cover_LAURENT-CHEHERE-flying-houses-foyer africain-18

We regularly hear that we are living in a global era in which a technological and economic network is increasingly linking together the four corners of the globe, and democracy has imposed itself as the only legitimate form of government. Some have even come to proclaim the end of history, thereby endeavoring to surreptitiously recuperate, by perverting its fundamental meaning, a certain Marxian discourse. And yet, this image of a global age, as advanced as it is civilized, is far from going without saying or being innocuous, and numerous voices have already risen up to contest it. Rooted in a very specific political force field, it often serves as a more or less clandestine vehicle for pernicious social and economic projects.

This is why it is necessary to open an interrogation into this vision of the present moment and, more profoundly, into the historical imaginary on which it depends. The goal of such an endeavor is not to propose an alternative description of our epoch based on the same basic phenomena. For the counter-history undertaken in this book aims precisely at reconfiguring the possibilities of history by proposing a completely different approach to the problem of the contemporary. New perspectives on ourselves thereby emerge, as well as on the world that we are in the process of constructing, and especially on the possibility of elucidating the diverse dimensions of the present conjuncture and taking charge of the meanings and directions of history [des sens de l’histoire].

Table of Contents 

Preface  Toward a Counter-History of the Present

Chapter 1  A Specter Is Haunting Globalization

Chapter 2  Are We Really Living in a Technological Era?

Chapter 3  What Is the Use of Democracy? Urgency of an Inappropriate Question

Afterword  Taking Charge of the Meanings and Directions of History

Did Someone Steal My Pseudonym?

Igrid-cell-14081-1464199493-9 came across this surprising article, entitled “Ready for the Ready-Laid,” by someone who presents themselves as Theodore Tucker. It cunningly unpacks the complexities of the recent case of a teenager who laid a pair of glasses on the floor of the MoMA in San Francisco, which were then taken to be a work of art by some of the spectators. Examining how the spectacles became a spectacle, thereby reframing the very horizons defining works of art, some of the themes in this piece oddly overlap with my own research concerns regarding the contradictions of the art of the commonplace. Click here to read in full.