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Spanish Translation of CIA and French Theory Article

Click here for a Spanish translation of my article on the CIA and French theory: “La CIA estudia a los teóricos franceses: Cómo desmantelar a la izquierda cultural.” A special thanks to Paco Muñoz de Bustillo for undertaking the translation and to Rebelión for publishing it.

Article on CIA Reading French Theory

My latest article, “The CIA Reads French Theory: On the Intellectual Labor of Dismantling the Cultural Left,” was just published in the LA Review of Book’s “The Philosophical Salon.” Click here to read in full.


Excerpt: “While other tentacles of the worldwide spy organization were involved in overthrowing democratically elected leaders, providing intelligence and funding to fascist dictators, and supporting right-wing death squads, the Parisian central intelligentsia squadron was collecting data on how the theoretical world’s drift to the right directly benefitted US foreign policy. […read more]”

Article in the New York Times


My latest piece, “Unraveling Love Stories,” was just published here in The New York Times. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate again with Peter Catapano and Simon Critchley for The Stone.

Excerpt: “A crisis is a crack in the code. It can occur when everything laid out for you, and all of the things that you have half-wittingly accepted, meet a desire to be something more than the skeletal image of your own dead dreams […read more].”

APA Blog Feature on Latest Book



The feature published here on the APA blog provides a concise overview of some of the fundamental stakes, claims and concerns in my most recent book, Interventions in Contemporary Thought: History, Politics, Aesthetics (Edinburgh University Press, 2016).

The book was published in hardback in the fall, and a paperback edition will be coming out in the spring.

What To Do when Empire Is Trumped?


Massive Trump Protest–Ignored by the Media–in Center City Philadelphia on Nov. 19, 2016

Here is my most recent article in CounterPunch, which analyzes the multiple factors that have contributed to the current political catastrophe in order to develop a series of concrete, positive strategies for moving forward.

“Let this spring, which due to human-made climate change is already happening in the fall and approaching winter, be the springtime of the people. Resistance and protests, organized social movements, a popular front on the Left, a publically-owned Fourth and Fifth Estate, and a common culture of radical leftwing politics could set the stage for an epic struggle against—and defeat of—neoliberalism’s crescendo into neo-fascism. [read more]”

ProducTrump in Charge of System that Produced It

Trump Naked Cropped


Since ProductRump is now officially in charge of the money-media complex that produced it, I take the liberty of reposting my earlier op-ed, “Corporate Idiocracy and the Manufacturing of ProducTrump,” which was originally published in CounterPunch. Click here to read.


Op-Ed on Death in New York Times

I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Simon Critchley and Peter Catapano in making the following contribution to The Stone: “Why We Never Die.”
Andrea Fontanili_EyeEm
Excerpt: “Our existence has numerous dimensions, and they each live according to different times. The biological stratum, which I naïvely took to mean life in general, is in certain ways a long process of demise — we are all dying all the time, just at different rhythms. Far from being an ultimate horizon beyond the bend, death is a constitutive feature of the unfolding of biological life […read more].”

Op-Ed on ProducTrump in Huff Post

Trump Naked CroppedMy op-ed, “Corporate Idiocracy and the Manufacturing of ProducTrump,” was just picked up by the Huffington Post. Click here to read it in full. A slightly different version was originally published here in CounterPunch.

Excerpt: “We must not forget that it is the system, not the person, that is the ultimate problem. In fact, there is not really a person here. There is productRump, the tail end of the corporate glitz machine, the rump of a debunk system of hype and distraction in the name of profit and power. Although this butt looms particularly large in its vulgar posturing and machismo, we must not let the backend mask what is behind it. It is only the protruding derrière of an enormous network of media-cracy—i.e. mediocrity—that has produced it [read more]”.