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Review of “Interventions in Contemporary Thought”

Interventions_CoverA review of my book, Interventions in Contemporary Thought: History, Politics, Aesthetics, was just published here by Cynthía Krkoška-Níelsen. This book was published in hardback in the fall, but it is coming out in paperback this May. Click here to see the announcement.

Excerpt: “An intervention is not simply a more radical or highly innovative way of engaging a text, performing or interpreting an artwork, or revamping political practices. Intervention operates, so to speak, at a deeper level: it seeks to change the historical conditions of possibility and in doing so to change the activity of thought itself and, presumably, what can show up as a viable option or way of acting and being in a particular context. […]  Rockhill’s critique of Eurocentrism is refreshingly nuanced and resists falling into an overly facile binary of oppositions—geographic or otherwise—which then demonizes Europe and seems to assume that “Europe” has a stable, unchanging center. […] While such radical geography continues within the domain of critique discourses of Eurocentrism, it is attuned to the unfixed, center-less character of ‘Europe,’ which it unearths as the ‘site of striated, overlapping and contested spaces’ (31) […read more].”

Nova Resistance

C8MWXc3XYAA_REJI am very proud to have been involved with the coordination of non-violent direct action against the promotion of #FakeEducation at Villanova University (who invited Charles Murray, a well-known white supremacist, misogynist and classist pseudo-academic whose “ideas” have been widely debunked). To get involved with Nova Resistance and/or follow our actions, please click here to go to our FB page. You will find a statement on our activities, videos, photos and news reports.



Review of “Radical History & the Politics of Art”

Final CoverA detailed review of Radical History & the Politics of Art by Ioana Vartolomei Pribiag was published here in SubStance 46:1 (2017).

Excerpt: “Radical History and the Politics of Art invites us to abandon many of the myths upon which debates on art and politics have relied for decades. The book successfully breaks with the binary logic behind the majority of studies on this subject and puts into question the widely accepted theory of aesthetic autonomy. Rockhill’s insightful critique of Jacques Rancière’s thought, his valuable reevaluation of the politics of avant-garde art, and his numerous concrete examples drawn from a variety of artistic traditions and commonly overlooked arts such as architecture, ensure that this work will quickly become a versatile reference. Overall this is a stimulating and forcefully argued book that clears the ground for future scholarship on the social politicity of art.”