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Interviewed by “India & the Global Left”

It was a pleasure to speak with Jyotishman Mudiar on “India & Global Left” about my research on the global theory industry, anti-communism, identity politics, fascism, and the international struggle for socialism. The episode is entitled “Prof. Rockhill on Postmodernism, Socialism, Identity Politics & Fascism.”


Interviewed on the Barricades

I had a very productive conversation with Maria Cernat and Boyan Stanislavski for “On the Barricades.” We discussed the history of the global theory industry, anti-communist efforts to shore up the compatible Left, the dynamics of cultural imperialism and their relationship to right-wing opportunism, the rise of fascism, the place of China in contemporary geopolitics, the limits of Freudo-Marxism and intellectual syncretism, Žižek’s record of selling out the people for the advancement of his own career, and more.

Interviewed on ZNetwork

It was a pleasure to discuss my recent critique of Slavoj Zizek with Greg Wilpert, situating it in relation to my larger book project on the compatible left intelligentsia & its war on actually existing socialism.

Slavoj Zizek: Capitalism’s Court Jester?,” ZNetwork, February 9, 2023.

Interviewed by Midwestern Marx on Žižek & the Global Theory Industry

It was a real pleasure to speak with Carlos Garrido at Midwestern Marx about “Why Slavoj Žižek is Capitalism’s Court Jester.” We discuss the global theory industry; the intellectual labor aristocracy; commodified commie cosplay; a reanimated concept of social chauvinism; the political economy of knowledge production, distribution, and reception; the compositional theory of ideology; the professional managerial class stratum in the imperial core; gatekeepers who keep the theory game going; and more.

Interview on the Global Theory Industry / Entrevista sobre la Industria de la Teoría Global

I was very honored to be invited on Canarias semanal to discuss one of my current book projects, The Intellectual World War, with Tita Barahona. Below you will find both the original version of the interview, where the questions are asked in Spanish and I respond in English, as well as the version dubbed in Spanish. I have also provided links to some of my more journalistic writings on the topic.

Tuve el gran honor de ser invitado en Canarias semanal para discutir uno de mis proyectos de libros actuales, La Guerra mundial intelectual, con Tita Barahona. A continuación encontrará tanto la versión original de la entrevista, donde las preguntas se hacen en español y yo respondo en inglés, como la versión doblada al español. También he proporcionado enlaces a algunos de mis escritos más periodísticos sobre el tema.

The CIA & the Frankfurt School’s Anti-Communism.” Los Angeles Review of Books, “The Philosophical Salon” (June 27, 2022). This article was translated into Spanish (also here), Romanian, Turkish and French.
Foucault, Anti-Communism & the Global Theory Industry: A Reply to Critics.” Los Angeles Review of Books, “The Philosophical Salon” (February 1, 2021). This article was translated into Turkish.
Foucault: The Faux Radical.” Los Angeles Review of Books, “The Philosophical Salon” (October 12, 2020). This article was translated into Turkish.
The CIA Reads French Theory: On the Intellectual Labor of Dismantling the Cultural Left.” Los Angeles Review of Books, “The Philosophical Salon” (February 27, 2017). This article was translated into Arabic, PortugueseSpanishTurkishFrench, Persian, Greek & Kurdish.

Interviewed by Midwestern Marx

I was honored to be interviewed by Midwestern Marx regarding my recent article, “The CIA & and the Frankfurt School’s Anti-Communism,” as well as some of my other recent articles on the global theory industry, particularly “Critical and Revolutionary Theory.”