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Spanish Translation of CIA and French Theory Article

Click here for a Spanish translation of my article on the CIA and French theory: “La CIA estudia a los teóricos franceses: Cómo desmantelar a la izquierda cultural.” A special thanks to Paco Muñoz de Bustillo for undertaking the translation and to Rebelión for publishing it.

Russian Translation of Op-Ed on Nuit Debout

A Russian translation of my op-ed in Counterpunch “Revolution Never Sleeps: Nuit Debout in France and Beyond,” was published here.

Движението Nuit debout – “нощем накрак” или “изправи се нощем!” – е убедително напомняне за съществуването на една неуморна глобална борба срещу неолибералното верую и всичките му унищожителни последствия. […read more]

Persian Translation of Article on Castoriadis

An excerpt from my essay, “Eros of Inquiry: An Aperçu of Castoriadis’ Life and Work,” was just published here in Persian, thanks to Rahman Bouzari. This article was originally published as the introduction to the book on the left, and a more recent version is forthcoming in the book on the right.