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Book Discussion at NYU



I was very pleased to participate in a book discussion at NYU on Friday Dec. 2 with Jennifer Ponce de Leon, coordinated by Andrew Weiner. We discussed, among other things, the introduction and two chapters from Interventions in Contemporary Thought


Book Discussion Online

Final Cover
The audio recording of a book discussion that took place at the Slought Foundation in the fall of 2014 was recently posted here on their website. Entitled “Art and Politics in the Time of Radical History: A Conversation with Gabriel Rockhill and Others about the Social Dimension of Aesthetic Practices,” the discussion brings together insightful views and incisive questions by Kevin M. F. Platt, Jean-Michel Rabaté and Annika Thiem. A special thank you to all of them for their thoughtful engagements with the book, as well as to Aaron Levy and the Slought Foundation.

Book Session at the American Society for Aesthetics on 3/20/15

Tal Correm has generously organized an “Author Meets Critics” session on Radical History & the Politics of Art at the ASA’s Eastern Division Meeting on March 20, 2015 in Philadelphia. It will be an honor to receive feedback from Tal Correm (Temple) as well as Espen Hammer (Temple), Andrew Weiner (NYU) and the moderator Mashinka Firunts (UPenn). The program details are available here.