Forthcoming Book Announced

Edinburgh University Press has announced that my next book, Interventions in Contemporary Thought: History, Politics, Aesthetics, will by published in July 2016. Please find below the cover–with a link to EUP’s announcement and description–as well as the table of contents. Oxford University Press’s announcement can be read here.



What Is an Intervention?
Metaphilosophical Critique and the Reinvention of Contemporary Theory

§I History
Chapter 1
How Do We Think the Present?
From Ontology of Contemporary Reality to Ontology without Being

Chapter 2
The Right of Philosophy and the Facts of History
Foucault, Derrida, Descartes

Chapter 3
Aesthetic Revolution and Modern Democracy
Rancière’s Historiography

§II Politics
Chapter 4  
Is Difference a Value in Itself?
Critique of a Metaphilosophical Axiology

Chapter 5
Castoriadis and the Tradition of Radical Critique

Chapter 6
The Hatred of Rancière
Democracy in the History of Political Cultures

§III Aesthetics
Chapter 7
The Art of Talking Past One Another:
The Badiou-Rancière Debate

Chapter 8
The Hermeneutics of Art and Political History in Rancière

Chapter 9
The Forgotten Political Art par excellence?
Architecture, Design and the Social Sculpting of the Body Politic


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