RED Launched: a New Political Organization for Radical Direct Action Education

I am very pleased to have launched, with a number of energetic collaborators, the Radical Education Department. RED is an autonomous collective dedicated to the construction of a radical internationalist Left through the training and federation of its cultural warriors. The full scope of RED’s initial project is outlined here in the “RED Alert Manifesto.” Our primary activities at this point include:

  • Direct action education, meaning both direct action as education and education regarding the powerful history of direct action.
  • The constitution of a network of invested cultural warriors and educators, who share the conviction that antifa resistance needs to be accompanied by the positive project of forging new practices of radical education for collective world transformation.
  • The development of tactics of guerrilla education, which brings radical pedagogical practice to areas where it might be least expected, ranging from corporate universities to the streets of consumerism.
  • The establishment of an underfunded, left-wing research collaborative as a counter-weight to all of the over-funded, reactionary ‘think-tanks’ and their academic extensions.
  • The injection of a hardy dose of hard left ideas into the ‘public sphere’ by working as public intellectuals, artists and writers.
  • The centralization of resources and the development of strategies for fellow travelers around the world.


We welcome collaborators and initiatives. Click here to contact us. If you are interested in getting involved and/or staying up on our activities, please follow our webpage here and like us here on FB. Stay tuned for further updates!


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