Article: “Capitalism’s Court Jester: Slavoj Žižek”

In my latest article, which is part of my book project on the Intellectual World War, I explain how Žižek rose to fame in the global theory industry by promoting pomo radlib theory against “the global solution-revolution” of “Marxism” (his words). He refers to communism as “maybe the worst catastrophe in the history of humanity” (sic). No wonder he’s the (capitalist) world’s most famous “Marxist”! He’s capitalism’s court jester: aping the figure of the Marxist-qua-antisocial-fanatic, he encourages disdain for the real-world project of socialism, while advancing his career by hawking the wares of Western consumer society & the global theory industry through his pop cultural mash-up.


2 thoughts on “Article: “Capitalism’s Court Jester: Slavoj Žižek”

  1. cfeard

    Long awaited – and masterful – critique of this despicable pathological

    His real nature was for me particularly obvious in his debate with
    Jordan Peterson ( where he
    didn’t dare to contradict the fallacious arguments of his opponent.

    Thank you for your work !

    Christian Féard


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