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Article in the New York Times


My latest piece, “Unraveling Love Stories,” was just published here in The New York Times. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate again with Peter Catapano and Simon Critchley for The Stone.

Excerpt: “A crisis is a crack in the code. It can occur when everything laid out for you, and all of the things that you have half-wittingly accepted, meet a desire to be something more than the skeletal image of your own dead dreams […read more].”

Vive l’anti-colonialisme américain !

mon dernier article, qui porte sur la résistance à la réserve indienne de Standing rock.

“La présidentielle américaine continue à dominer les médias de masse, alors qu’une bataille de résistance on ne peut plus importante se joue sur les plaines perdues du Dakota du Nord. Anti-coloniale et écologique, elle devrait nous concerner tous en tant qu’indigènes de la planète Terre [lire la suite].”iu-2

What To Do when Empire Is Trumped?


Massive Trump Protest–Ignored by the Media–in Center City Philadelphia on Nov. 19, 2016

Here is my most recent article in CounterPunch, which analyzes the multiple factors that have contributed to the current political catastrophe in order to develop a series of concrete, positive strategies for moving forward.

“Let this spring, which due to human-made climate change is already happening in the fall and approaching winter, be the springtime of the people. Resistance and protests, organized social movements, a popular front on the Left, a publically-owned Fourth and Fifth Estate, and a common culture of radical leftwing politics could set the stage for an epic struggle against—and defeat of—neoliberalism’s crescendo into neo-fascism. [read more]”